At Silicon Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we do not require you to take a radiograph at every visit. Please let us know if you are concerned with radiographic exposure and would like us to take less radiographs.


Additionally, we offer digital radiographs. Digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure 4 times compared to conventional analog radiographs


We realize that taking X-rays can be difficult for some people (especially our little ones) so we are one of the only pediatric dental offices to offer both Intra-oral and Extra-oral X-rays.

Conventional Digital

Intra Oral Radiographs


Extra Oral Radiographs


Taken outside the mouth to prevent gagging

Additionally they offer a lot more imaging than conventional radiographs at reduced radiation

Figure 1
Figure 2

look at this missing tooth we were able to find 

with our unique Extra-oral X-Rays that have

less radiation then conventional analog radiographs


How We Take Our Radiographs


Traditional Intra-oral X-rays can be

used on small and large kids alike. (Figure 1)

Demonstrated by Dr. Scotty...

the biggest kid of all :)

With Extra-oral X-rays, nothing goes into the mouth and look at the great image

we are able to get (Figure 2).

Great for small kids to prevent gagging.




Drs. Elizabeth Ng, Nancy Li, Sona Gill, Scott Ngai, Raj Lotwala, and Janice Hwang specialize in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics.


Our office is the original and longest standing pediatric dental office in the city of Santa Clara. Our dentists have completed university programs in and are certified for the specialty of dentistry and orthodontics for children and adults.  

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