Solea Laser Dentistry

Solea Dentistry Advantage​s

  1. No Shots*:

    • Most fillings can be completed without numbing when using the Solea Laser

  2. Less visits and quicker appointments:

    • Multiple fillings can be treated during a single visit since we do not need numb --> saving you money and time

  3. Less Anxiety and Fear:

    • Happy patients that don't fear the dentist

  4. Faster Healing for soft tissues (gum)

    • Laser vaporizes hard and soft tissue resulting in minimal bleeding and faster healing​ without the need for sutures/stitches

Patient testimonial of Solea Laser. Patient was able to have 5 fillings on the upper left and upper right teeth completed in one visit without anesthesia. 

Solea Laser Explained

Solea Patient Experience Video



Drs. Sona Gill, Nancy Li, Elizabeth Ng, Scott Ngai, and Raj Lotwala specialize in pediatric dentistry and serve the Northern California communities of Santa Clara County and the entire South Bay Area. Our office is the original and longest standing pediatric dental office in the city of Santa Clara. Our dentists have completed university programs in and are certified for the specialty of dentistry for children.  

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