Drs. Scott Ngai, Nancy Le, Elizabeth Ng, Sona Gill, and Raj Lotwala specialize in pediatric dentistry and serve the Northern California communities of Santa Clara County and the entire South Bay Area. Our office is the original and longest standing pediatric dental office in the city of Santa Clara. Our dentists have completed university programs in and are certified for the specialty of dentistry for children.  

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Breast Feeding Issues: 
        Tongue Tie / Lip Tie 

Play above video for more information Breastfeeding issues and treatment

Tongue-Tie /Lip-Tie Symptoms


Does your child...

  1. Have difficulty Latching or Breastfeeding pain for mother

  2. Have difficulty pronouncing L's and R's (speech issues)

  3. Snore or Mouth-breadth, Restricted Airway

  4. Have a high palate, v-shaped, nasal speech

  5. Large space between the two front teeth

  6. Chewing or swallowing problems

  7. Difficulty brushing upper teeth/cavities along the gumline of upper teeth

If so, your child can be suffering from a Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs). TOTs are also known as frenum ties of the lip or tongue. 


Normally, Tethered Oral Tissues undergo apoptosis (normal programmed cell death) while the child is in the womb (similar to how webbing of fingers and toes is removed before birth).

However, in about 5-10% of children, this process does not occur properly and we are left with tongue and lip ties


Treatment and Release

The treatment for tongue / lip tie is relatively simple. Our dentists simply release the tied tissue with a laser to allow the tongue and lip to move freely. Since the tissue is released with a laser, the resulting tissue has minimal bleeding and pain. In most instances, breastfeeding improvement can be seen immediately. 

Since the condition is so prevalent, you probably know someone – a family member, friend, colleague or acquaintance – that could benefit from tongue tie treatment for their child. One of the most common questions from parents of children with this condition is: “Where can I find a dentist specializing in tongue tie treatment near me?”

At Silicon Valley Pediatric Dentistry we have the expertise and tools needed to help treat patients that suffer with tongue tie or lip tie. 

Lip Tie


Heavy Tension on Upper Lip creating gap between central incisors

Lip Tie Released

(1 minute after procedure)

Tension is removed

and Fibrous tissue removed 

Lip Tie Released

(1 week later)

Tissues is healed and ready for orthodontics  for space closure