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Dr. Erin Ma
Board Certified Orthodontist
Erin Ma Bio Photo.jpg

"It’s never too late to get your smile straight!"

~ Dr. Erin Ma

Dr. Erin Ma is originally from Canada. In high school, Dr. Erin studied as a summer exchange student at Yamate-Gakuin High School in Konandai, Japan. Dr. Erin attended college at the University of Alberta. Dr. Erin also studied for two semesters at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. At the University of Alberta, she received a Bachelor of Science with a Double Major in Biology and Chemistry and graduated with Honors with Distinction.


After college, Dr. Erin attended dental school at Nova Southeastern University in Miami, FL. At Nova, she discovered her passion for orthodontics and continued her education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Orthodontic Residency Progam.


At UNLV, she was selected for the Honors Orthodontic program and received her Masters in Oral Biology by dually working on research regarding Cone Beam Computed Tomography. During this time, she won the Research Award for all postgraduate programs and maintained a 4.0 in both her Orthodontic Residency and Masters in Oral Biology programs.

Dr. Erin is a member of the American Association of Orthodontics, the Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists, and the California Dental Association.

In her free time, she loves traveling, hiking, and all things outdoors. She is also an avid lover of animals and has two dogs at home!

erin ma rocks.jpg

Dr. Erin finishing a 5 mile hike in Utah! Here, she was able to learn about the different types of geology within the landscape.

Erin ma park.jpg

Dr. Erin learning about horticulture at the Rose Gardens. This was important since she has not had a surviving succulent in her house!

Erin ma statue.jpg

Dr. Erin learning about the history of Greece. In fact, Greek mythology was one of her favorite history lessons as a child.

Erin ma climbingt.jpg

Climbing a via ferrata! Dr. Erin is an avid climber and has travelled across the US to climb different routes!

Erin Ma fiancee.jpg

Dr. Erin and her fiancée exploring Antelope canyon

Erin ma Travel.jpg

Dr. Erin travelling across Europe and visiting the Vatican. Fun fact: she tries to visit a different country every year!

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