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Radiographs / X-Rays

At Silicon Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we do not require you to take a radiograph at every visit. Please let us know if you are concerned with radiographic exposure and would like us to take less radiographs.


Additionally, we offer digital radiographs. Digital X-rays reduce radiation exposure 4 times compared to conventional analog radiographs


We realize that taking X-rays can be difficult for some people (especially our little ones) so we are one of the only pediatric dental offices to offer both Intra-oral and Extra-oral X-rays.

Conventional Digital

Intra Oral Radiographs


Figure 1

Extra Oral Radiographs

Taken outside the mouth to prevent gagging. Additionally they offer a lot more imaging than conventional radiographs at reduced radiation.


Figure 2

Look at this missing tooth we were able to find with our unique Extra-oral X-Rays that have less radiation then conventional analog radiographs.

How We Take Our Radiographs


Traditional Intra-oral X-rays can be used on small and large kids alike. (Figure 1). Demonstrated by Dr. Scotty... the biggest kid of all :)


With Extra-oral X-rays, nothing goes into the mouth and look at the great image we are able to get (Figure 2). Great for small kids to prevent gagging.

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