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Your First Visit

Welcome! We're excited that you've decided to make Silicon Valley Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics your child's Dental Home! We want to make your first visit to the pediatric dentist enjoyable and positive. 

Feel free to bring your child to our office for an office tour or to play in our play-yard before their first visit so they can get more comfortable before their actual visit.

What to Expect During Your First Visit

If your child is under 4 years of age, we typically do a Knee-Knee-Exam.

A Knee-Knee-Exam will allow you child to get acclimated to the dental setting while being in the comforting arms of their care-giver. In this position, the doctor will do and examination, cleaning, and fluoride application.  Remember the goal of a first visit exam is to create a positive experience for your child where he/she can start to build a positive outlook towards Oral Health. 

If we think a cleaning will damage the Psyche of a child and cause him/her to remember his/her first visit negatively, we may hold off for a visit to attempt a cleaning.

Our kid friendly environment includes cartoon character decals on the walls and each exam and chair has a personalized ceiling mounted TVs for patients to enjoy.


***If you want to visit the office to get a feel of our vibe before scheduling an appointment, please call the office and let us know if you will be dropping by. We encourage families to get to know us to make sure that we are a right fit for you and your child. 

Superstar Tips for making your child's visit go well.

  1. Practice with you child instructing him/her to open their mouth while laying down in the Knee-to-Knee position. (You may try on a pillow with another adult)

  2. Inform your child that we will be counting and brushing his/her teeth.

  3. Children absorb and hear a lot more than we perceive. Do not refer to the dental visit in a negative manner or as a form of punishment. Please do not say the following lines:

    • "I hated going to the dentist as a child", "The dentist scares me", or "It'll just hurt a little."​

    • "You better brush your teeth or dentist is going to pull out all your teeth!

    • "The dentist will give you a shot if you don't behave."

At Silicon Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we try our strive to make each visit a positive and successful experience. We will not force you or your child to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.

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